Marketing Insights From A To Z


In Marketing Insights from A to Z, marketing¿s most respected sage, Philip Kotler, chooses and examines the most important concepts of the discipline for today and the future, offering a fresh and stimulating take on how marketing will change and how marketers must change with it. Kotler highlights eighty of marketing¿s fundamental concepts, sharing enlightened and informed meditations and the hard won wisdom of his forty year career. His unparalleled reasoning illuminates topics such as branding, competitive advantage, creativity, customer relationship management, database marketing, differentiation, innovation, positioning, and segmentation. From "Advertising" to "Zest," topics are organized alphabetically to allow readers easy access to advice. Relevant and straightforward, this book is comprehensive enough for managers who want a complete primer on marketing but also a cutting edge resource for seasoned marketers who need to keep up with the latest thinking. Whether you need a refresher on branding or new strategies on word of mouth marketing, Marketing Insights from A to Z will give you the tools you need to compete for customers in the rapidly changing marketplace. It¿s an essential tool for managers, CEOs, marketing executives, and anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals. Over the next decade¿and beyond¿changing market and consumer realities will mean the reinvention of marketing itself. Marketers won¿t just be in the business of selling whatever product their company makes, they¿ll be designing company wide marketing initiatives that encompass branding, customer service, advertising campaigns, and even public relations. Marketing Insights from A to Z lets you keep up with the times by highlighting the rapid changes happening in the field, bringing a fresh outlook to a familiar discipline, and explaining fundamental ideas fast. Ultimately, success will come to those who lead the race into marketing¿s future¿here¿s a guide to help you break away from the pack.

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