Handmade Home


"Handmade Home" offers simple sewing and craft projects for the home that reflect the needs, activities, and personalities of today's families. Filled with thirty-three projects made by re-using and re-purposing materials - from vintage feedsacks to old sheets and towels - and including some projects that children can help with, all of the items here offer a practical use in the home. Amanda Soule does much more than simply present a collection of handmade items; she reveals crafting as a lifestyle based on the principles of consuming less and reusing more, appreciating the earth, and connecting to our families. This is a craft book that gives you the tools for creating a life - and a home - full of beauty, integrity, and joy. Projects include: Papa's Healing Cozy - This hot water bottle cover becomes a simple way to offer comfort to a sick child; Baby Sling - A simple pattern for an object that offers so much to a small child - refuge from the world and a place to lay their head next to a parent's heart; Beach Blanket To-Go - Repurpose old sheets to create the perfect picnic blanket for special outdoor meals; and, Cozy Wall Pockets - A creative solution for storing a child's small treasures.

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11 augustus 2009
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