Hippocrates Lifeforce


Now you can transform your lifestyle from toxic and self-destructive to healthful and self-affirming, and experience renewed energy and vitality that will last a lifetime. Institute director Dr. Brian Clement provides the information you need to put the principles of the Hippocrates LifeForce program into practice. Readers will discover how raw living foods can help people to maintain a healthy weight and stimulate natural immune defenses against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. They'll also learn how to develop the positive frame of mind that supports good health, understand the harmful habits that derail the healing process, and create the support system needed to stay on track. Also included in this ground-breaking book is information on therapeutic juicing and sprouting, the role of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals and the use of medicinal herbs, as well as recipes from the Hippocrates Kitchen.

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01 december 2009
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