Cheap Bastard's Guide to Washington, D.C.


Living big—for less—in America's capital Living big in America"s capital takes just the sort of big bucks that fewer and fewer folks have at their disposal these days, right? Think again. Washington, D.C., is full of free and ridiculously cheap stuff—one just needs to know where to look. Leave it to "The Cheap Bastard" to uncover all the ins and outs and exclusive bargains to be had, and to set forth the real deal with wit and humor. The Cheap Bastard"s Guide to Washington, D.C. contains hundreds of ideas for living on the cheap without sacrificing necessities or luxuries. It shows: • How to gain free entrance to plays, films, concerts, and museums • Where to find free classes in anything from yoga to sailing • Where to find half-price meals and free, filling, scrumptious food • How to get a free haircut, color treatment, manicure, or low-cost massage • When and where to find great furnishings in other people"s trash With The Cheap Bastard"s Guide to Washington, D.C., anyone—from students and recent graduates to frugal businesspeople, not to mention the capital"s millions of recession-weary annual visitors—can enjoy the good life . . . for less!

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