Early Bird Special!!! and 174 Other Signs That You Have Become a Senior Citizen


Wouldn't you like to know if you've become a Senior Citizen? Wouldn't your spouse or your children like to know if you've become one? Wouldn't they like to know if they've become seniors? Just what are the signs that cause men and women to one day have to take a deep breath and admit, "I've become a Senior Citizen." When looking for the answer, disregard the AARP cards and senior discounts. And also the Social Security checks and Medicare payments as being the only criteria. Becoming a Senior Citizen is not just the attainment of an arbitrary age. It's also the result of an individual's mind-set. Here, then, are 175 signs and 36 essays (some hilarious, some nostalgic, and some bittersweet) that will help you see if you've become a bona fide member of the fastest growing segment of American society.

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april 2003
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