All of the Commodore's Men


Since the things discussed in this book could be dangerous to ones health or freedom in that the police these days generally shoot first and think later, it is only prudent to state for the record Do not attempt to do any of the things discussed in this book. This book in no way suggests, condones or recommends, implicitly or explicitly, the engaging in violence of any kind against any person, place, or thing ever for any reason. This book does however emphatically suggests that when a patriotic citizen is in direct conflict with a tinhorn puppet regime such as the Inyo County, Nevada regime so clearly is, it is almost unpatriotic not do all that one can to expose the criminal nature of that regime. In this instance, due to the fact that the Thomas Monroe Trust would ultimately be dragged into any attempt to silence me permanently through direct legal action, the Thomas Monroe Trust ordered their Inyo County government puppets to tolerate the things that I did against them as individuals during the last 10 years thinking that I would eventually run out of steam. Never in a million years did they realize that a book chronicling the entire conflict was being written while the conflict was happening. The characters in this book are very much real and are from the former District Attorney to the judges and police in truth nothing but useful idiots in this titanic struggle between good and evil! What is hanging in the balance is the Thomas Monroe Trusts continued presents in the region manifested as Demington Medical Center. And Demington Medical Center will only continue to exist if the Inyo valley community allows it to!

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