The story: An e-commerce phenomenon


Valued at $25 billion following its IPO in 2014, (Jingdong) is China s second largest e-commerce company (behind its rival Alibaba) and leads the way in sales of consumer electronics and books. Through unprecedented access to the inner-workings of and its founder, Richard Liu, and other main players, this book offers the most detailed examination of the success behind one of China s most successful companies of recent times. Founded in 1998 as an online magneto-optical store, the company evolved into selling books, CDs, videos and consumer electronics online on an enormous scale. In 2014, Asia s largest Internet company, Tencent, acquired a 20% stake in, which made the company the No.2 online retailer in China, and thus triggering a fierce battle with Alibaba for dominance in the China market. The story of s growth, and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder, is featured in this fascinating book.

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