Natural Antibiotics: Garlic As The Best Natural Antibiotic You Can Use Instead of Pills


Garlic is an herb that most of us know for its delicious flavor when seasoning a meal, and the distinctive smell it can add to a person’s breath! But for millennia, herbalists and doctors have been aware of the medicinal value of garlic. As far back as Ancient Egypt, there was knowledge of garlic’s power as an antibiotic in particular. There is much evidence to suggest it was used by doctors to treat numerous types of infections, and by field medics to fight the infections in wounded soldiers on the battlefield. People nowadays can commit to taking garlic as an ongoing therapeutic measure, or just to add it to their diet to experience some of its health benefits. Either way, garlic offers good health for the cardiovascular and digestive systems, and may also lower the risk of developing cancer at some point in a person’s life. This book takes a detailed look at the following areas where garlic has been shown to benefit the human body: -Treating Blood Disorders -Fighting Infection -Preventing/Treating Cancer -Other Medicinal Uses It also offers advice on the best ways to consume garlic, and the common mistakes people make that actually lower or negate the benefits they could experience from this wonderful herb. Get this book to learn how garlic just might change your life!

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