Sixth Form At St. Peters: Tales Of An All Girls Boarding School - Parts 1-3: Sticky Fingers, The Caning Room, Seducing Miss Bellars


Part One Tallulah had been at the same boarding school all her life, but now she was eighteen she found the strict rules increasingly frustrating. Having been attracted to other girls and teachers for years, her secret is discovered when her friend Lucy reads her private diary, leading to an experience that gets her into some major trouble which turns out to be an erotic adventure in itself.... Part Two After her friends Lucy and Tallulah had mysteriously been led away by a teacher after a fire drill, Charlotte starts wondering whether they might have been in trouble for doing something naughty. When she finds out they were caught having sex, it leads to more naughty fun in the gymnastics store room, and eventually corporal punishment for all four girls by their lesbian headmistress.... Part Three After being caught in the gym equipment room by Miss Simms then punished in the headmistress's office, Tallulah and her friends now had a taste for naughtiness. Tallulah sets her sights on her attractive English teacher Miss Bellars and uses all her guile and cunning to seduce her, with a little help from her friends Charlotte, Lucy and Natalie....

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