Instagram Influencer Secrets: The Ultimate Strategy Guide to Passive Income, Social Media Marketing & Growing Your Personal Brand or Business


Want to turn your Instagram followers into DOLLARS? Are you looking to build your business on Instagram and NEED the best strategy to get started? Keep on reading and I'll tell you more. Instagram Influencer Secrets is NOT going to tell you to purchase a following, or to use silly scam accounts to gain bot followers. Why? Because none of those will actually make you a REAL influencer, especially one who is going to be making money. An Influencer is a title you need to achieve. You need to earn that title, because that's when you know your audience BELIEVES in you, and whatever you have to say, they will listen. What hashtags do I use? What photos should I be sharing? Should I go follow everyone to get started? What time do I post? Do I respond to all comments? Why do some people have emails and addresses and I can't do that? If you're asking yourself all these answers, good, your taking steps in the right direction. This isn't another crypto-currency bandwagon you are joining. It's time you join this community of businesses who have chosen to go above and beyond traditional marketing techniques to capture a whole new audience. In this book, you'll learn: - How to create the OPTIMAL Instagram handle and username - The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing you need before you start your Instagram journey… and it's not your profile photo! - The secrets of the perfect customer profile and where to find them - How to target customers who WANT to purchase, and WILL purchase - The secret behind the Instagram Algorithm and how you can take advantage of it for your business - The 5 marketing campaigns you need to run on Instagram that will ALWAYS convert - 10 steps to create the perfect Instagram post - How to capture an audience you don't have… then convert them into customers - Videos or Instagram Stories? Which one converts better? - How to build Instagram into your Marketing strategy in your business - The BEST automation tools to use, so you don't have to work anymore! - and many other tips and tricks! But WHY Instagram? What about Facebook, isn't that an even larger user-base? Instagram is home to nearly 1 BILLION monthly active users, and 31% of these users earn more than $75k per year. That's a lot of money floating around that you can tap into. Facebook has more users, yes, but Instagram is home to the largest percentage of BUYERS. We want people who are ready to buy, and looking for someone to tell them what to buy. That's where Instagram will always win, and how you'll be winning next. Look at your competitors, are they killing it? This is your kick in the butt to get started now; it's never too late! Even more reason you should buy this book and become an Instagram Influencer TODAY. Even if you've never used Instagram in your life, or don't have the slightest clue what a #hashtag is, this step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know. You don't need a budget, you can literally do everything in this book yourself, and for free if you really wanted to. All it takes is some time, some hard work, and this book. So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and buy this book now; it's cheaper than a coffee.

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