Shopify Store Secrets


Shopify Store Secrets will help you to realize your dream of an online ecommerce store by teaching you the insider secrets that thousands of successful vendors have used to create income by selling online. Shopify is one of the world’s premier online ecommerce systems. Its popular for good reason: its easy to use, the technical support is excellent, its fast and reliable, its affordable, and its highly customizable. By following the steps in this book you will learn how to get started in the highly profitable world of ecommerce, starting with a 14 day free trial, and moving through the best plans and systems to start building a successful business. Below you will learn inside secrets, including: • Customization strategies - how to attract customers to your products by making your store’s appearance fit your target market • Domain selection – how to set up a custom URL to make your store’s address online rank for SEO and easy to find for your customers • Product selection – kick-start your online presence by matching your product choice to your passions • Order handling – avoid delivery pitfalls by knowing your carriers and making the most of their systems • Drop shipping – how to extend your selection of products by using third-party warehousing and delivery • Promoting your store –save on advertising strategies by field-testing and comparing your paid ad systems Click Buy to read on!

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