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"The authors have the uncommon knack of taking the complex and explaining it in a clear, compelling way. I recommend it if you want to learn the principles of strategic communications and get structured suggestions to create better campaigns." Dave Chaffey, Co-founder and Content Director, Smart Insights This book has the strongest focus of online and offline integration of any marketing communications textbook. A blended approach to marketing is in its DNA. Compared to the competition that too often uses a bolts-on approach to integration, this book is essential for giving students the precise skills employers will look for - to be able to implement genuinely integrated marketing campaigns. This new, seventh edition combines professional and academic expertise to ground big picture theory into real-world case studies, drawing from cutting-edge global companies like Snapchat and Spotify, that will teach students the why behind the how. With increased focus on social media and the latest digital technologies, this new edition will teach students: - How AI, the Internet of Things, Big Data, AR/VR and marketing automation can be used successfully in campaigns - The opportunity and risks of social media - How to navigate ethical and data management challenges - How to use the current preferred digital marketing tools and technology Covering the key themes of customer engagement, experience and journey, this book will allow students to become truly confident working in an environment of ongoing technological transformation.

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