Welcome Home, Baby Girl: An MDLG, DDLG & ABDL novel about a Mommy & Daddy Dom who train their naughty girl to be the perfect little one


A salacious MDLG, DDLG and ABDL themed story for the age play fetishist. Please note: This story contains heavy sexually explicit content, Age Play, MDLG, DDLG, and ABDL themes. It features diaper changes (wet), Dominants and a submissive, training, punishment and spanking. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities, and this novel is intended for adult readers only. Josie and Liam loved their life. They went to kink parties, had dear friends, and successful jobs. And yet, something was missing. Moreover, someone was missing. As Cammie comes bounding into their life, they knew their life will never be the same. As Liam and Josie teach Cammie how to be a good girl, she learns that sometimes it’s more fun to be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy. If you are looking for a steamy and dirty DDLG story… Then scroll up and get your copy today!

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26 januari 2020