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Still hiding who you really are? Discover how to break free of the chains of the uncertainty and step boldly into your authentic self. "I loved this book! I read it in one weekend. The author described her experience in such a beautiful and vivid way, that I could not help but be there with her every step of the way." "Adwynna's personal testimonials and journal entries are heartfelt and inspiring. Her approach and commitment to motivating others is evidence to the bright light that she shines upon this earth!" Author and intuitive guide Adwynna MacKenzie's breakout book has hit #1 on Amazon and received rave reviews all over the world. Let her story inspire you to step confidently into your future. At 50, writer and long-time dabbler Adwynna MacKenzie wonders if she will ever have a meaningful life. Despite years of self-help books and personal development, she is unfulfilled and frustrated with the endless spiritual journey. Yet, there is a tiny spark inside refusing to give up. A heart that wants to shine, a person who wants to make a difference. In this inspiring and entertaining memoir, Adwynna takes readers on a "deeply intimate spiritual journey that touches heart and soul." Her keen insights and thought-provoking questions empower you to come out of hiding and embrace your super natural self. Using an easy-to-follow format of experiences and insights, Carefree, It Starts With Open, gives you the framework you need to come out of hiding and embrace your super natural self. Inside this book, you'll learn: How to shed the trauma of the past and make your life a joy instead of a chore How opening to more possibilities can create miracles in your daily life Why we all crave a community of like-minded people, and how to find yours. The simple daily practice to create clarity and momentum in your life …and much, much more! Bonus Content: An invitation to join the Carefree Community. Connect with readers and get your questions answered by the author. Online resources from each chapter to expand on the concepts. If you like the teaching of Dr. Joe Dispenza, beautifully written stories, and mind-blowing mystical experiences, then you'll love Adwynna MacKenzie's deep dive behind the scenes of a spiritual journey.

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