Amazon Fba - FBA 2020: The Secret Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Private Label to Build at least $ 7,000 / Month E-Commerce Business by Selling on Amazon. Beginner's guide.


YOU'RE ABOUT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY... I'm not a Guru and haven't posted a Lambo on my IG, so I'm not credible, right? ProbaBLY.. Well I grew up with little to no money and became wealthy through Amazon FBA by working HARD. I'm not going to say how much I make, so don't ask me. I can't prove any claims here and I just don't like making claims... So I'm just going to give you what you need to consider before purchasing this ebook and have you think with your brain and not with your heart. "But Jason, why are you not selling me the life? When am I going to make a million dollars?". SHUT UP! AND LISTEN!! Amazon FBA is not for you if you want to get rich "easy". You can get wealthy quick, but NOT EASY. OK? You must do the work! Passive income exists and I guarantee you it's real, but you must work first, dude. Come on, you know it. I choose that title and that subtitle because I'm tired of people selling you the "life" and you paying for that bs and.. I WANTED YOU HERE, lol. Jk. Also, everything I stated in my headline is true. I'm literally giving you my blueprint. **If you don't have time to read all this, skip it. Click on the picture of the book and read the Index, so you'll know what you'll learn. If you get it, tell me what you think. ***CONTINUE READING*** You probably jump from Youtube video to "FREE Webinar Reveals" every day and hope to learn something and it's ok.. I know your situation. Just know that I will not sell a course or have a mastermind, a Youtube Channel or a Free Webinar. I make my money through FBA. Stop. I don't know how to sell a course and don't have the time. So I decided to condense my KNAWLEDGE in this ebook and hope it helps you. - HERE'S THE FBA PILLARS TO SUCCESS YOU NEED TO KNOW: The Paradigm Shift: Find products that satisfy a psychological "hole" in the prospect's mind. Why? Because you can then play with copy to detach your price from the product and set your prices higher, without people complaining. 99% of the sellers here does "product marketing", they don't know what they're missing. 1% doesn't do that. Conversion COPYWRITING: Anyone can do ads. Just not everyone can write copy that grabs people by their throat and brings them to their store, like when Apple launches a new Iphone. You are about to know for sure how to write copy in a natural way that persuades people to buy at the price you set (from someone that read too much BS about copy...). You're also going to learn how much a product page copy is important. Most people can't make money because the product page is sketchy, quite honestly. You'll probably start by yourself and then be like: "Oh, what the hell am I supposed to write here?". You're not going to worry about it after reading Chapter 5. BRAND FOCUS: You read books, you saw videos.. Come on... ...You now know brands make more money and sell at higher prices. You should focus on building one too. "What is a brand a how the hell do you build one?" How can you position yourself as an authoritative shop against those "hit and run" dropshipping stores, so people will trust you and buy from you, even if your price is double? No worries, I will talk about this in depth. You will learn how to build a brand you can be proud of. I already see you printing your new logo on shirts and hats, lol. THAT'S IT. Focus relentlessly on these 3 pillars and you'll be miles ahead. Kiss goodbye the other newbies. Oh.. "Purchase it now, and Get Your Copy!".

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