Happy Gut, Happy Mind


'A totally thought-provoking and insightful book on the connection between the gut and the brain' Angela Scanlon, TV presenter and broadcaster 'Eve makes good health and nutrition easy and accessible' Newby Hands, Global Beauty Director, Net-A-Porter 'A delicious way to supercharge your health' Sheerluxe Gut instinct, gut-wrenching, gut feeling: these familiar phrases show that we are all aware of the connection between our gut and mind, but the bond is far more complex and significant than you might imagine. Having a healthy gut is not only intrinsic to your general wellbeing, it also plays a fundamental role in supporting your cognitive health, which is why nourishing your gut is one of the key ways to achieve a healthy, happy mind. In Happy Gut, Happy Mind, nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik draws on her clinical experience - as well as the science and research around the gut-brain connection - to give an insight in to how this fascinating relationship works, and the diet and lifestyle steps that can support both the gut and the mind. This is complemented by easy-to-make, gut-nourishing recipes, including delicious breakfast options like Peanut and Miso Muffins and Pecan Pie Granola, hearty, satisfying main meals such as Tempeh Tacos, Monkfish Nuggets with Sweet Potato Fries and Five-Spice Pork Burgers, and delectable desserts like Positive Chocolate Pot de Crème and Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake. Whether you want to learn more about the gut- brain connection, seek insight into how gut health and mental health conditions can be linked, or you simply love reading about your wondrous gut, Happy Gut, Happy Mind will help you nourish your mind through supporting your gut.

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augustus 2020
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