Cricut Collection - Cricut Project Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide to How to Create Fantastic Designs with Many Original Projects Ideas for Beginner and Advanced. (With Color Images & Practical illustrated Examples)


Is this you? -You bought a Cricut Machine. -You can't set it up properly and it often brings errors -You watch blogs and Youtube videos trying to understand how to use it with little to no success -You can't get your head around the damn thing .. How is it that, no matter what you do, you seem to always have problems with Cricut and Design Space? I know the feeling .. I used to stay up all night watching Youtube videos trying to figure out the settings .. The advertising made Cricut look like my new one stop solution for cutting and expressing my creativity but.. No matter what I did, I always had errors. It was getting stressful. I bought books, courses and attended seminars from so called "Gurus". Nothing was useful. Could it be that these bloggers were affiliated with the brand and only cared about selling? I guess I know. When I stopped listening to their so called "easy-to-implement" advice I started my new journey to trouble shooting every single error in Cricut and Design Space and become a master ... I took notes every single day. I learned so much that I wrote a book that I have in my desk and consider MY CRICUT BIBLE. Whenever I have a problem and I need a special technique or troubleshoot, I just take my notebook, search the index, read and implement. I started sharing my notes on Facebook Groups and people started to ask me for consulting. I was like "What?", I'm just a normal person .. I'm not a proper "expert". I just did it by myself. I tried everything. I failed A LOT. I learned a lot. Now I have my step-by-step system. I decided to turn all my notes into a book and share it with the world. So now you can finally have all your doubts and problems solved and start using Cricut to its full potential and express your creativity- HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: **-**CREATE CUSTOM BIRTHDAY GIFT BAGS IN UNDER 15 MINUTES -HOW TO MAKE THE BESTS CUTE BIRTHDAY GIFT BAG - HOW TO PRINT AND CUT T-SHIRT IN A PERFECT WAY - HOW TO MAKE A BEST WELCOMING CARD - HOW TO MAKE MUCH OTHER VINYL MUGS WITH CRICUT CREATOR - HOW TO MAKE MUCH PHOTOGRAPH LIGHT DESIGNS -CAKE TOPPER FOR BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH CRICUT - MUCH OTHER PLANNER STICKERS And Much More Secrets… Make beautiful creations that people will want and envy you for! Get this guide now and become a pro (or share it with a loved one who would love this).

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