50 Best Affirmations For Self Esteem And Positive Thinking, The


The 50 Best Affirmations For Self Esteem And Positive Thinking The Best 50 Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem, Self-Love, Letting Go, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence And Positive Thinking Everybody wants to experience a healthy self esteem and feel good. But just a few are indeed enjoying these positive aspects of life. You might suffer from feeling down and negative thoughts? You might have tried a lot, but you are not sure what might be the best solution for you? If that is the case - this is the right audiobook for you! In this audiobook you will learn how to create the a healthy self esteem, self love and happiness and fitness level that you want with the help of the 50 best affirmations! The author, Kevin Kockot (M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion) is an online content creator for years in the field of health, healing and relaxation. He teaches thousands of students on several platforms, including Udemy, Insight Timer and Skillshare. Do you want to learn about the "The 50 Best Affirmations For Self Esteem And Positive Thinking"? Enroll now! I am happy to meet you!

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