Pain: The Divine Mystery


Discover the Divine Purpose for Your Pain Pain is an enigma—a haunting reality—we all face. Whether the pain you are experiencing is chronic or the result of a new injury or illness, you have no doubt asked the Lord, Why? Why must I suffer? Why must the pain be so intense or so never-ending? Elmer Towns confronted similar questions as he withstood the debilitating effects of cancer treatment. As he sought to find something precious in the enduring, Towns realized that pain can draw the mature believer into closer intimacy with God. Pain: The Divine Mystery will help you look at your own suffering through the eyes of the Master Sculptor—He who has the highest purpose in place for your life. You will be challenged to examine your deepest fears, to discover God’s part in your healing, and to pursue better overall health in the process. You will find, as Towns did, that even pain can be endured when you have a purpose to live through it. As you seek to understand the “why” behind your own suffering, God will reveal much more than you can imagine: He will reveal Himself.

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april 2014
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