Affirmations For The Inner Child Heal your wounds in 3 stages


Everyone has a little child inside of them. It doesn't matter how old you are. That child inside of us stores all our memories. When something went wrong in life, children translate their overwhelming emotions into thoughts that there is something wrong with them or that they're unlovable. In many dysfunctional families, we were never taught how to deal with emotions, mostly because our parents didn't know how to deal with theirs. But the truth is that by seeing, hearing, and loving that little child, we start to re-parent ourselves. Our whole world will change. In this book, we will give you secrets that no one has ever revealed to you: What is the inner child? why most affirmations don’t work Step by step guide to healing our inner child in an effective way secrets of our effective affirmations Have a quantum leap in our healing process By using the secret methods in this book, a whole new paradigm will shift how you look at the law of attraction, healing, and affirmations.

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