Always, in December


'Will wrap around you like a hug in any season' JOSIE SILVER 'I LOVED it. Tender and gorgeously romantic' CATHY BRAMLEY 'I adored this sweepingly romantic love story' HOLLY MILLER Escape on an irresistibly romantic journey from London to Manhattan, from Edinburgh to the English countryside, in the stay-up-all-night love story that everyone is raving about. __________ It started with a letter. It ended with a love story. Josie Morgan never looks forward to December. It's always a reminder of the life she lost, twenty years ago. Now, she always switches off the radio when Christmas music comes on. She always wants to tear down the tinsel her flatmate insists on pinning up. And she always posts a letter she knows will never be read. Max Carter never expected to find himself stranded in London just days before Christmas. He never expected it would be so hard to say goodbye to a woman he hardly knows. Then again, he never expected to fall in love. But, this December, when Josie's letter leads her to Max, a chance encounter will change their lives in the most remarkable way. And their story is only just beginning . . . ** And don't miss ONE LAST GIFT, THE NEW NOVEL FROM EMILY STONE** __________ ' THE ONLY BOOK you're going to need in your life' Reader review ' The BEST BOOK I have read this year ' Reader review ' My FAVOURITE READ of the year so far' Reader review YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHORS ARE SAYING: 'Packed with Richard Curtis-style moments. If you're looking for a true will-they-won't-they novel to capture your heart, look no further' HOLLY MILLER 'LOVED this emotional story about love and taking chances' CLAIRE FROST 'Max stole my heart! A sweeping story of love and self discovery. I LOVED it' EMMA COOPER 'Kept me reading late into the night. Absolutely gorgeous' JO LOVETT 'Truly an unforgettable novel' USA TODAY ''A real stay-up-till-you-finish-it read' FABULOUS 'Make sure it's at the VERY TOP of your MUST-READ list *****' 'Such a beautifully written book with***all the feels*** *****' 'If the rights to turn Always, in December into a film aren't snapped up immediately, there's no justice' 'Will stay with me for a long time *****'

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