Revelation Books in Songs


The Book of Revelation is filled with descriptive pictures of interesting strange figures, characters, symbolic numbers and prophetic visions, listen very carefully to the narrator's honey-dews sing-song voice to feel the real impact of the messages. Get mesmerized by the stories of four horsemen that will shake you to the realities of our dispensation. The presentation in the book of Revelation talked about strange creatures with faces like eagles, men, and calves, it also featured a dragon with feet that are shaped like a bear straight out of the sea to land. These strange images can be confusing especially when one tries to decipher their meaning to understand their symbolic representation relative to the world condition of today. There is much speculation regarding the interpretation of what these things may, or may not be, I will leave you to determine for yourself what the images meant after careful listening to the book of Revelation in a dramatic song. The revelation was given to the author when he was isolated in the island of Patmos, through vigorous intimate meetings with the revealer. The unique information in this book is full of mysteries to engage listeners in a new way of understanding the occurrent in today's world. Narrated by Phaya Brands Ochelebe

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