SketchUp to LayOut


Create beautiful 3D models and presentations with SketchUp Pro and LayOut. SketchUp to LayOut, 2nd edition is a complete beginner's guide for learning SketchUp and LayOut. Effortlessly turn your ideas into 3D models using SketchUp, then document them in SketchUp's companion drawing program, LayOut. Even if you've never designed in 3D before, this book will guide you step by step. In addition to developing a complete understanding of SketchUp and LayOut basics, you'll learn advanced topics that will build upon your new skills: Learn the five steps to creating scenes in SketchUp that will give you full control over the look of your SketchUp models in LayOut. Master the most important modeling concepts, such as model organization, object visibility, tag theory, and level of detail, to become more efficient and enable faster editing of your projects. Discover several advanced techniques to develop custom workflows that work best for you and your preferences. The only book you'll need to master SketchUp & LayOut!

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19 mei 2021
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